3 Foods You Should Eat to Improve Your Skin Tone


A good skin regiment can help to improve your skin tone. However, it is not enough. You also need to consume healthy food to support the skin care treatment from inside. What you eat will be reflected in your skin. If you eat healthy food, you can have bright and beautiful skin. However, not every food can help to whiten your skin. You must choose food which will be effective to fight pigmentation. To help your quest to brighten your skin, here are some delicious and healthy foods to improve your skin tone. For more information about food and supplements to improve skin tone, check out http://www.suplemenpemutihkulit.com/


Yoghurt can help to improve your skin tone because it contains lactic acid. This substance also can help to fight UV rays so you will hardly get sun burn. Since yogurt also contains milk, it has all the benefits of milk that will help to moisturize your skin. If your skin is moist, it will prevent unbalanced skin tone that often happens because of skin dryness.

You can drink the yoghurt, or apply it on your skin. It will be more beneficial if you mix the yogurt with honey or lemon juice. Those ingredients have their own benefits that will complement the good effect of yoghurt on your skin.



Tomato juice is not only refreshing, but it will help to whiten your skin too. Tomato contains many vitamins and substances that will improve your skin tone if you consume it regularly. Vitamin A in tomato will help to lighten and hide dark spots on your face. It also contains potassium and magnesium that will fight dry skin and wrinkles.

It is best to consume it raw or juiced. You can also make a face mask by mixing tomato with lemon or oatmeal. Both have bleaching properties so the whitening process can work more effectively.


Lemon is a famous ingredient that exists in almost every skin care regiments. It is because lemon contains high level of vitamin C that will activate collagen and glutathione in your body. Both substances will help to brighten your skin and make it healthier.

Lemon is very sour so maybe some people will hate to eat it. So it is better if you apply it to your skin. You can mix lemon with any kinds of face mask you make. It is a good toner so you will feel refreshed applying it on your face. Lemons will also help the other ingredients to cover dark spots and heal acne scars. If you apply it regularly, lemons and the other healthy foods above will do magic in improving your skin tone.

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Reduce Fine Lines in One Step

Woman touching face, portrait
Woman touching face, portrait

Reduce fine lines can be done in several easy ways. Lines or wrinkles come up as a sign of aging. It happens both in men and women. Yet, you actually can live without it. There are several factors that cause this aging, loss of collagen which make skin lose its elasticity, sun damage, or pollution. There is no topical solution or even cosmetic procedure that really can eliminate the entire wrinkles you have. It only can make improvement to your skin. Yet, you still have chance to turn back the clock of your skin.

Camouflage with Make-Up

There are two ways you can do, natural remedies or camouflage it with make-up while you wait your wrinkles are reduced. Natural way may give a longer result, but it is worth to try. While waiting for a better skin condition, create a magic from the make-up you have. First thing you can do is using temporary filler to camouflage fine lines. For a best result, apply it several times a day.

When you have fine lines, skip using cream foundation, choose, lightweight liquid formula instead. Cream will crease and cake easily for imperfect skin. Use brush to help you apply it, but do not use long brushstrokes, since it leaves marks that looks like fine lines. Or, another thing to do is using thin layer or primer first, then fill it with foundation. Choose light make up, only, and avoid the thick one. Choose luminous or sheer foundation, like natural-looking BB cream or tinted moisturizer which will allow your skin to breathe and reduce the imperfections. Avoid powder blush, and choose cream or mousse blush.

The next thing we can do with make-up is skipping matte lipstick, since it is creasing easily. Choose glossy lipstick to hide fine lines you have on your lips. The gel-like formula will fill the wrinkles.

Treatment to Do

To prevent wrinkles, booking a treatment is one easy way you can do. Choose oxygen facial to feed you skin with pure oxygen. It is good to make skin healthy. Besides facial, treat it with serums. Serums comes with higher concentrations of active ingredient than moisturizer or regular creams you have. Choose serums with vitamin C and anti-oxidant content to stimulate the growth and the production of collagen. Vitamin C content will fight fine lines, and will brighten your skin. Serums with hyaluronic acid will make your skin glowing and supple. These are what we can do to reduce fine lines.

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Super Foods: The Anti Aging Food


Anti aging food will help us to improve our health and vitality. It protects us from disease and also illness. It may prolong our life, and the rest years of our lives be healthy. Good food will help us to counteract with the negative effects aging we have on the body. When talking about good food, we then will find something called super food. Super foods help you to find great sources of minerals and vitamins. It meets your dietary needs. Some foods are powerful to fight sickness, disease, and of course anti-aging tools.


Super foods can be delicious. It can be fun, and not all super food are vegetable. All types of berries, like raspberries, cranberries, blueberries, and strawberries are rich of antioxidants. It is a substance which protect our body from pollution or free radicals. Free radicals are the cause of several health problem, damaged body healthy cells, cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer, and also premature aging. The antioxidants which are in berries, the anthocyanin and flavonols, will promote your cell health and protect the  body from disease. To get berries with anti-aging benefits, choose dark berries, the ones that are blue or black. They have the highest concentration of antioxidants. Blueberries even can improve memory, slow neurological degeneration, reduce inflammation, and restrict the growth of cancer. All berries also contains vitamin C that is beneficial for repair the damaged body tissues.

Olive Oil

This oil may be known as the oldest oil we use in history. The monounsaturated fats we find will low the rates of cancer and heart disease. This oil also contains polyphenols,  an anti-oxidant agent which will help to prevent aging disease.


If you do not eat fish or meat, nuts can be a good alternative for protein intake. It is a good source for omega-3 fatty acids and unsaturated fats as well. Nuts also contain potassium, to help you lower the bloods pressure, vitamin E to prevent cell damage, and also calcium to maintain the strength of your bones. Nuts are good for diet. It make you full without give you some pounds on weight.

Tomatoes and Yogurt

The next fruit that is full of anti oxidant is tomato. It contains lycopene, a n anti oxidant that will help you to maintain youthful skin texture. It also reduces the risk of cancers and heart disease. Yogurt is the last super food we have today. It contains calcium to help you deal with osteoporosis. It also has good bacteria inside to help you diminish the disease from aging. These are what we have in anti aging food.

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