4 Foods that Will Boost Collagen Production in Your Body



Nowadays, collagen is a popular substance in many skin care products. This phenomenon emerges because skin care products with collagen have been proven more effective in brightening and maintaining skin’s youth. Actually, collagen is produced naturally in our body. However, as we age, the production of collagen will keep decreasing. Unhealthy lifestyle and exposure to chemicals and UV rays also will minimize collagen production.

Without adequate collagen production, the skin will lose its elasticity and in result, our skin will age more rapidly. If you don’t want this to happen, you must boost the collagen production in your body. The best and safest way to do it is by consuming natural food. Here are some of them.

Bone Gravy

Animals’ bones contain a lot of collagen. So, it is the best source to get collagen for our body. When collagen is boiled, it will produce gelatin. Gelatin is just as important as collagen for our skin’s health. It will reduce wrinkles and also makes our skin smoother.

Soya Beans

Genistelin is a substance that will play important role in collagen production. And we can find this beneficial substance in soya bean and its derivative products. Soya beans also contain antioxidant. So, consuming this food will protect our skin from chemicals and UV rays that contribute in decreasing collagen production in our body.

Food that Contains Vitamin C

When it comes to skin treatment, vitamin C has never failed us. Vitamin C contains ascorbic acid that is essential in collagen production. Consuming enough vitamin C in a day will strengthen every part of our body, from our immune system to our skin’s elasticity.  You can use vitamin C orally through food and supplements, or topically by applying serum, cream and natural remedies. If you have wounds or acne scar you want to hide, you must consume a lot of vitamin C. The collagen produced from vitamin C will not only brighten your skin, but also accelerate the healing process on your skin.

Food that Contains Vitamin A

Food with rich vitamin A like carrot and tomato also will boost the production of collagen in our body. Vitamin A will strengthen the skin structure so the collagen will stay longer in our body. It will also help to slow down the collagen’s decreasing process so our skin can maintain its elasticity.

Of course you can use skin care products to get collagen for your skin. But, it is the best to help the process by eating those foods above. If your body can produce more collagen naturally, you can have a beautiful skin for a very long time.

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