Reap the Benefits of Vitamin C for Skin Whitening from Natural Remedies



Vitamin C is a very popular ingredient in many skin care products. It is obvious since many researches have shown the effectivity of vitamin C to whiten and rejuvenate skin. If you haven’t incorporate vitamin C in your skin care regiments, you really should start. But, make sure you know all the important things about vitamin C and its benefits.

Why Vitamin C is Good for Skin Whitening

Vitamin C is important in producing two important substances in maintaining skin’s fairness, the collagen and glutathione. Collagen is essential in improving skin’s elasticity. Meanwhile, glutathione is powerful antioxidants that will protect our skin from damage from UV rays exposure. Vitamin C also good for beating various disease, such as ringworm. Learn more about how to beat ringworm with vitamin C here

Vitamin C is also good to prevent and decrease pigmentation. Vitamin C will block tyrosinase enzyme activity. And since this enzyme is required to produce melanin, a substance in charge of determining the pigments in our body, consuming vitamin C will help lighten your skin.

How to Get it Naturally

There are many ways to use vitamin C. You can apply skin care products such as serum and cream topically. You can also use more sophisticated method like injections. Consuming vitamin C supplement is also a very common practice. However, you must be careful with those methods. You must make sure that the products are safe for your health. If you want to use those products, it is best to consult to your dermatologists first.

The safest way to reap the benefits from vitamin C is by consuming natural food. And since foods containing vitamin C are abundant, you can easily find them everywhere. The most popular is lemon. It makes a delicious beverage, and it is also an effective face mask ingredient. You can mix lemon with honey if you want to exfoliate your skin. Or you can also incorporate it with yogurt to add some moisture in your skin. Those ingredients will work well with lemon’s whitening effect so you can get bright, smooth and healthy skin in the same time.

If you prefer to consume your vitamin C, strawberry can be a good choice. The high level of vitamin C in this fruit will give you bright and fresh complexion. The salicylic acid in strawberry will help to remove dark spot, sun burn and uneven skin tone.

You also can get vitamin C from green vegetables and so many other fruits. If you use skin care products, this natural food will help to maximize the result from inside your body. Thus, you can see the effects of vitamin C for skin whitening in no time.